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Piney Highlanders is located in East TN, right outside of Johnson City, TN. Our names are Zach and Morgan, we have 3 dogs, Max, Maya and Tilly and a whole bunch of cows! I am a nurse anesthetist student and Zach works as a valve technician. The farm we live on has been in my family for many generations, mainly used for growing tobacco and raising livestock. We remodeled my family's home place that was build in the early 1900s, where Zach and I live now. We finished the house and moved here in 2021 and also started our highland fold. My whole life I have lived on a farm and we always raised commercial cattle until when I was around 12 years old I started showing registered shorthorn cattle. On the other hand, Zach originally lived in upstate New York, and had never lived on a farm. In 2020 when Zach and I met he loved the farm life. We bought our first highland in September of 2021 and we fell in love so we have continued to grow our herd. Since then we have expanded our farm, as of 2024 we own around 30 AHCA registered and unregistered scottish highland cows. We offer tours to meet and feed the cows, and occasionally offer painting with the cows. We offer our farm on Harvest Host which allows you to come dry camp at our farm and book a tour the same day! We have recently started offering USDA Certified Highland beef, more information is located on our "shop" page . Welcome to our page and I hope someday we can help you begin your highland fold or learn about the Scottish Highland breed. 

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